Ryte Expert Certification for DERBORT – Online Marketing

Thanks to our participation in the RYTE Expert Event in July 2020 and our successful participation in the test on Ryte Suite expertise and SEO in general, we are now certified as official Ryte Experts.

This year, the Ryte Expert Event was held online for the first time. As SEO experts, we also took part in the event and were able to get an overview of the new features of the Ryte Suite. In addition to concrete application scenarios. many hacks and the Site Clinic session with Marcus Tandler on the best approach to the initial check of a domain, we also received exclusive insights from the Ryte team.

Ryte Expert Test

Following the remote event, participants had the opportunity to take part in the Ryte Expert Test. We were able to demonstrate our knowledge of the Ryte Suite and SEO in general in the test and are now officially certified Ryte experts after successfully passing the test.

What is the Ryte Suite?

Since 2012, Ryte (formerly Onpage.org) has been helping SEO agencies to get the best out of websites using professional analysis software. By using the Ryte Suite, relevant data for optimizing websites can be analyzed and developments monitored.

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“My name is Steffen Derbort, founder of Derbort – Online Marketing and I have been doing digital marketing for companies and the self-employed for more than 10 years. Many entrepreneurs are not aware of the workload reductions and time savings that are possible through the use of online marketing tools and processes. I will help you to discover these advantages for yourself or your company and to use them efficiently.”