SEO Specialist Certificate of the BVDW for DERBORT – Online Marketing

We were able to secure the SEO specialist certificate from the BVDW by successfully passing an examination and are allowed to present this further quality feature of our work to customers and clients.

All information on certification

The SEO Specialist Certificate was developed by the BVDW’s Search Focus Group. The group stands for the quality and standards of the audit and consists mainly of search and media agencies as well as tool providers.

What is the BVDW?

The abbreviation BVDW stands for Bundesverband Digitale Wirtschaft. The association sees itself as representing the interests of all companies that have built their business model on digital value creation

What topics does the exam cover?

Basic SEO aspects that are important in day-to-day SEO business are queried.

This includes the following focal points:

  • How a search engine works
  • SERP structure and search intentions
  • OnPage SEO (related to individual URLs)
  • Onsite (domain architecture)
  • Content
  • Links and backlinks
  • Tools, key figures, other channels and legal matters

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DERBORT - Online Marketing Team

“My name is Steffen Derbort, founder of Derbort – Online Marketing and I have been doing digital marketing for companies and the self-employed for more than 10 years. Many entrepreneurs are not aware of the workload reductions and time savings that are possible through the use of online marketing tools and processes. I will help you to discover these advantages for yourself or your company and to use them efficiently.”